Poverty increased in India due to Corona! Surprising revelation in the report

New Delhi: Along with the world, Corona has created a tremendous stir in India in the last two years. According to the Oxfam report released on Sunday, 84 percent of Indians have lost their income in 2021, which is a matter of great trouble. At the same time, due to this, the figure of billionaires has increased by 39 percent. According to statistics, earlier the number of billionaires was 102, which has now increased to 142.

Oxfam's report has also revealed that Corona has destroyed India dangerously. India's health budget saw a decrease of 10% from the revised estimate for 2020-21. It has been revealed in the Oxfam report that the budget allocated for education was reduced by 6%, while the budget allocation for the social security scheme came down from 1.5% to 0.6% of the total Union budget.

The same report also revealed that the wealth of India's 100 richest people reached Rs 57.3 lakh crore, while the share of the bottom 50 percent of the population in the same year was only 6 percent of the national wealth. The report states that due to the pandemic (March 2020 to November 30, 2021), the wealth of Indian billionaires has increased from Rs 23.14 lakh crore ($ 313 billion) to Rs 53.16 lakh crore ($ 719 billion). Meanwhile, over 46 million Indians are projected to fall into extreme poverty in 2020. According to the United Nations, this number is almost half of the whole world.

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