Power generation reduced by 77 percent in Himachal

Jan 12 2020 05:39 PM
Power generation reduced by 77 percent in Himachal

Due to heavy snowfall and freezing cold in Himachal, the production of electricity has been reduced by 77 percent. This fall is recorded due to the freezing of the river-drain. Apart from this, Himachal Pradesh is getting illuminated these days due to the power extended to the neighboring states in the summer season. On the one hand, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana are getting the power provided on banking in summer to Himachal in the winter. The people of the state are getting heat due to the cold that gives the help of pimples. 160 lakh units of electricity are being supplied daily from these three states.

Apart from this, 115 lakh units of electricity are being received daily from the central share. The state currently needs 300 lakh units of electricity per day. The same generation of power in Himachal is 26 lakh units, although these days on an average 90 lakh units of electricity is produced. In such a situation, the remaining power supply is being arranged through banking and central share. Himachal gets some share from central power generating projects in the state. At present 95 lakh units are being withdrawn daily from Delhi, 30 lakh units from Uttar Pradesh and 35 lakh units from Haryana. Electricity with interest is being withdrawn from these states for the first time.

Apart from this, as much electricity used to be given in summer, they used to withdraw in winter. On the other hand, due to the large number of transformer failure in the state, the power requirement is not very high. The state needs only 90 lakh units of electricity daily. With this, the electricity board is still easily managed. In the coming days, the problems of the power board may increase if the transformer is fixed. In the same situation, there may be a possibility of buying power from neighboring states. At present, there is no such situation as power crisis in the state. Everyday needs are being met. Electricity will also be purchased if required. The work of repairing the defective transformer is going on on a war footing.

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