Power Ministry directs NTPC and DVC amid power crisis in Delhi

New Delhi: In order to ensure power supply to Delhi, the Union Ministry of Power has issued new directions to National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC). These directions say that Delhi should be provided as much power as it is demanded by the distribution companies. You must be aware that there have been reports for a long time that there is going to be a power crisis. In view of the declared capacity (DC) given to Delhi Discoms in the last 10 days, the Ministry of Power has sanctioned 10. 10ред In 2021, NTPC and DVC have been issued instructions to secure power supply to Delhi.

This is said to ensure that distribution companies Delhi will get as much power as they need as per their demand. In fact, the Direction of the Ministry says that NTPC and DVC can offer Standard Declared Capacity (DC) to Delhi Distribution Companies as per their allocation under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) relating to their coal based power stations. Not only that, the Ministry has also said, "Both NTPC and DVC have committed to provide as much power to Delhi as there is a demand for discoms in Delhi. "

In addition, guidelines have also been issued regarding utilization of power allocated on 11th October to meet the increased demand from coal based power generation. "Under these guidelines, states have been requested to use the power allocated for power supply to the consumers of the state and in case of surplus power, the states have been requested to inform so that this power can be re-allocated to other needy states," the ministry says. "

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