Philippines in the grip of Typhoon Kammuri, government issued alert

Dec 03 2019 05:38 PM
Philippines in the grip of Typhoon Kammuri, government issued alert

Manila: According to the recent news, thousands of people fled from their homes due to the storm that came with the storm and torrential rain in the eastern province of the Philippines. Thousands of houses were damaged due to this storm. The effect of the storm also showed at the airport here. The airport here was submerged due to heavy rains. Due to the storm, people in the country are struggling with power crisis. Due to this, life in the Philippines capital Manila has been affected. The maximum speed of this storm was recorded at 235 kilometers (146 mi).

According to the information received from the sources, it is now moving towards the Tufan island provinces and the coastal areas located in the south of Manila. The Philippine government has not immediately given any report of death or injury to anyone from this storm. Typhoon Kammuri entered the city of Gubat in Sorsagon province before midnight. After this, he is heading west from Quezon province here. On Tuesday, the storm stormed into the eastern province. Now the storm is moving towards the coastal areas south of Manila.

For information, let us tell you that Typhoon Kammuri's heavy rain and wind damaged the airport in Legazpi town of Albay province. Strong winds damaged the roof of the airport. A portion of the roof collapsed. According to local news reports, flood-like situation arose in some parts of the city. The international airport of Manila was closed due to the storm. Meanwhile, the authorities have issued a high alert from the storm. The Office of Civil Defense said that it has ordered to leave the houses living in the coastal and low-lying areas prone to storms and landslides. More than 100,000 residents have been shifted elsewhere before the storm. Due to the storm, a warning has been issued to the coast guards to undertake sea travel. More than six thousand passengers have suspended their journey. Thousands of freighters have been intercepted. The Philippines canceled a tennis match at the South East Asian Games, as rain dipped an outer court.

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