Pradeep Kumar has spread the magic of his acting in many languages

In Hindi films, Pradeep Kumar is remembered as an actor who entertained people with his historical roles in the 50s and 60s. Pradeep Kumar may not have been in this world but his memories are alive in people hearts todayIn the fifties and sixties, filmmakers remembered Pradeep Kumar whenever they needed the character of a king, maharaja or prince or nawab for their films. The audience has not forgotten movies like Anarkali, Taj Mahal, Bahu Begum and Chitralekha with his outstanding performances.

Born in a Brahmin family in West Bengal on January 4, 1925, Sheetal Batavali alias Pradeep Kumar had been fond of working as an actor in movies since childhood. To fulfil his dream, he joined the theatre in the early hours of his life. However, his father was not convinced. In 1944, he met director Devaki Bose, who was very impressed with Pradeep Kumar's performance in a play.

He saw a rising star from Pradeep Kumar and gave him an opportunity to work in his Bengali film Alakhnanda. Pradeep Kumar may not have managed to make his mark as a hero in Alakhnanda, but as an actor, he started the journey of his film career. Meanwhile, Pradeep Kumar made an innovation in another Bangla film Bhuli Nai. The movie celebrated the Silver Jubilee at the box office.

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