'Son didn't walk in politics so he brought daughter', sadhvi Pragya Singh furious at Gandhi family

Bhopal: Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, an MP from Bhopal, madhya pradesh, continues to make headlines for her controversial statements day in and day out. Now, once again, his statement has created a stir. In fact, he has targeted the Gandhi family. In his statement, he said, "A person from the family is not able to play politics so now he has also brought a daughter who is engaged in drama gimmicks. Let me tell all of you that MP Pragya Singh Thakur made this statement during the Introduction Conference of Valmiki Samaj in Bhopal.

Addressing the gathering from the dais here, he said, "A family has just seen in UP that they suffered a lot for our Valmiki community. There was no other reason for that pain. One person who is not able to walk in politics made another effort that there is no other leader left in the Congress. There is only one family who can lead the Congress and they also brought their daughter who sometimes goes to temples by doing drama gimmicks and sometimes goes to temples and sometimes goes to mosques and sometimes becomes Christian. '

At the same time, he further said, "But when they get the attention of the vote, they don't shy away from pretending. I say, "Why don't you live a true life?" Why were they dalits during all these years of rule, why were they not given their rights? Now that Modiji's government has come, he started suffering. Maharshi Valmiki ji is our God, but he (Congress) never considered God. If they had believed, they would not have had to show off today. Let us also tell all of you that MP Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has made controversial statements several times that have led to her being in the news.

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