Boyfriend arrives at girlfriend's wedding and cuts his throat
Boyfriend arrives at girlfriend's wedding and cuts his throat

Pratapgarh: A shocking case has come to light from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. In this case, a lover lost his temper after seeing his girlfriend getting married and after that, he did not care about anything, climbed on the stage. After all this, he took out the blade and slit his own throat. Not only this, but with the blood flowing from his throat, he filled the partying line of the forehead of the girlfriend i.e. the bride on the stage itself. That too when the bride's groom was standing in front of him. Seeing all this happening there was uproar. Within no time, the wedding procession broke down on that lover. During this, the police present at the scene of the incident somehow handled the matter and saved the lover from being a victim of a lynching.

The entire case is being reported from the Udaipur police station area of Pratapgarh. Where there was a marriage of two sisters in the same house in Rehualalganj village. The two were getting married to two brothers. It is also being reported that the boyfriend of one of the two girls who were getting married also reached the spot, however, when he did not tolerate the marriage rituals of his girlfriend, he called UP 112 and informed the police. He told the police that he was being beaten by some people at the wedding ceremony. As soon as the police got information in this case, police reached the place of the procession, the lover named Ajay climbed onto the stage and slit his throat with a blade during the ritual of Varmala. At the same time, before people could understand anything, he filled his girlfriend's partying line of the head with the blood flowing from his throat. Seeing all this, the procession houses became angry.

In this case, the police personnel posted at Udaipur police station said, "When the crowd broke down on the lover on the stage itself, the policemen present there somehow rescued the youth. In the meantime, people from both families took both the grooms and brides and went to a temple in Kunda. Where both the marriages were solemnized, the girls were bid farewell. In this whole case, the girl's side did not give any complaint to the police due to the fear of the locals, after which the police challenged the lover youth Saroj in a breach of peace. Released on bail.

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