CM Yogi issues special instructions ahead of Magh Mela
CM Yogi issues special instructions ahead of Magh Mela

Lucknow: The Magh Mela is scheduled to be held in 2022 near the confluence of Prayagraj, but this time too, the corona epidemic is going to be harsh. Recently, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that "people should be appealed to come with a double dose of vaccine. On the other hand, the Mela Authority is going to ask all institutions to take double dose certificates. It is being said that only those with double dose certificates will be given land and facilities at the fair. All arrangements at the fair will be the same as last year. It was believed that the corona havoc was receding this year and this could add to the glory of the fair.

However, there are still two problems before the Mela Authority. One is the Budget and the other is the water level of the Ganga. In fact, this time, due to the increased water level, 20 per cent of the land has been reduced. Due to this, there is bound to be difficulty in distributing facilities and land. On the other hand, officials of the authority said that the flow of Ganga was very fast last Saturday.

Due to this, erosion will also be more visible and in this sense, it is not possible to increase the facility and land this time. This time only Rs.59 crores have been given. The lack of this budget will also affect the facilities. However, amidst all this, this time the certificate of the double dose of the vaccine has been made mandatory. People will have to give a double dose certificate of the vaccine. On the other hand, people have already started asking for land and facilities for the Magh Mela. On the other hand, a clear direction has been issued by the Chief Minister to follow the covid guidelines.

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