Precaution! Bug found in Apple browser, all your information may be leaked

Many such bugs have been found in Apple's Safari browser that can also leak your search history. These bugs are found in the form of IndexedDB which can act as Application Programming Interface (API). From macOS to iOS and iPadOS, this bug of the Safari browser has been affected, although at the moment all users can also use a third party browser to avoid this bug.

This bug in Safari was first reported by 9to5Mac and browser fingerprint and fraud detection firm FingerprintJS. With the help of API, a browser keeps your data secure, but this bug has been found in IndexedDB API only. Researchers at FingerprintJS say that IndexedDB, developed by Apple, violates policies that allow hackers to break into your data. Due to this bug, there have been many reports of breaches in your Google account login in Apple device.

With this bug, hackers can also get complete information about which website they are visiting and what is being searched. Your Google ID will be leaked even if you login with a Google account on a website through a browser and you will not even know. Researchers have also made public the evidence of this bug.

Private mode can get some help: News says that even searching in private mode of Safari browser is not saved, although the risk of data leak in it is increasing even more rapidly. Until Apple releases a new update, users are advised to use a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Apple has not yet made any official statement on this bug.

Using Google Chrome more, be careful!

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