Pregnant women should not leave the house, otherwise black eye child will dominate
Pregnant women should not leave the house, otherwise black eye child will dominate

Everyone must know about such paranormal things like ghost, spirit, jinn, witch, witch, or in today's time everyone must have heard about them. Be it children or adults, when everyone hears about these paranormal activities or any incident related to it, a strange fear starts developing in the mind. Not only this, many people get so scared after hearing about all these things that they stop going out of the house at night. Many times, it is also said that a house which remains closed for 40 days or more gets inhabited by the spirit, then whenever someone buys that house or bungalow or it opens after a long time, it remains the same. Everything starts troubling the people living in that house. 

Many times the elders of the house even tell pregnant women that at such times, they should not come out of the house late at night or at the time of new moon or any such eclipse, otherwise they will be attacked by evil spirits wandering in search of a new body. The spirits take over, due to which many times those women have abortions, not only this, even if the children are born, their bodies are not fully developed or they are born with defects. It is because of this that evil spirits reside there, due to which destruction and death start happening in the house and all the happiness in the house gets eclipsed. Keeping these things in mind, today we have brought such information for you, hearing about which the ground will slip from under your feet. Yes, what we are going to talk about today is nothing else but about Black Eye Child (Kachha Kalua) .....!!!

Now you must be wondering what is Black Eye Child and who else is it....!!! So you do not need to worry at all about this, today we are going to talk about this in detail. Actually, Black Eye Child is in a way called the soul of a small child, many of us would know about this but there are also many people who would not know about Black Eye Child, in fact Black Eye Child is a form of a soul which is always searching for a new body. She is always trying to find a new born child or a pregnant woman from somewhere, whom she can make her victim and can also take possession of the child's body. Now you must be wondering how this would happen, so further we are going to talk about this...

Black eye child is the soul of that child who has the desire to live but due to some reason or the other he or she becomes a victim of untimely death as soon as they are born. And we all know that the soul is very powerful. It is mostly used by Tantrik people to carry out their evil deeds or it is used on the descendants of a family or enemy. Kachcha Kalua are such souls whose rites have not been performed properly i.e. last rites. Then they automatically take the form of energy. They have dangerous powers. It can accomplish even bigger tasks. Their powers reach their peak and hence it is very difficult to control them. Masaan means raw Kalua. 

The soul of a small child is the only soul that can come even to the temple. And it is not easy to control this in the form of a child. If a child in the womb dies during birth or a child whose age is less than 9 years dies, his cremation is not done properly. Most of these were buried or floated in the river. Due to lack of proper rituals, it starts wandering on its own. If a child is born, its umbilical cord is cut, but when an abortion occurs, this cannot happen. Then the organism of the womb is called raw mass. He remains connected to Maya. Which makes that creature invincible because it remains attached. If she is getting powers from her mother, then this living soul gets powers from the nature and universe.

It is generally believed that if an abortion occurs, the organism in that womb gets destroyed. But the living being himself is a participant in Maya. Separated from the world at home, he plays his own tantric game. Masaan is not a small soul. It is formed from the souls of children and their powers also reach their peak. It has been seen that only their parents can liberate them because this is the energy of a small child. That's why they do a lot of mischief and even kill their victims while playing. Kachcha Masan/Gum Masan or Kachcha Kalva, we call the living being that dies in the womb, but the one who is Kachchha Kalua is a small child who drinks milk, but died even before he could consume food. Is it time or not? Has not been able to consume basic food or food. Father! Those who are, are such that the child starts taking food. Generally, a child who starts consuming food till the age of 6 years and that person is not married, even if his age is 80 years. 

After death, such a creature goes to the ancestral world. Similarly, a camel is married but does not have any children. He is called Munja, Brahmarakshas, ​​apart from this, there are many such vaginas. No matter who the person is, why are they mostly powerful? And for small children, a raw Kalua is considered very powerful because it does not come under anyone's control quickly. How difficult it is to control a small child. You guys can understand and how difficult it can be when he is in spirit form. Due to being so small, they keep roaming around in holy places like temples, places of worship and rituals and do all their work. From this you can guess that when they cannot be controlled then they are capable of doing anything. Pregnant women are most at risk from this. If a pregnant woman gets infected with raw Kalua, it is very difficult to save her pregnancy. Raw Kalua is most attracted towards them and if a pregnant woman is attacked by a raw Kalua, then first of all it targets the fetus growing in the womb, due to which the pregnancy gets aborted or terminated. . This sadhana should be done only for good deeds because mostly people do this sadhana only for bad deeds. Although we do not confirm any such incident, but if anything like this ever happens to you, then take care of yourself...

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