Pregnant Women take these Special Care In Monsoons

Jul 10 2019 08:31 PM
Pregnant Women take these Special Care In Monsoons

Monsoon knocks out many diseases and problems. Women, when they go through a pregnancy, have to take special care. During this season, you need to take a variety of precautions to keep you safe and healthy. So we're going to tell you a few specific ways to take care of yourself. But taking these precautions is even more important when you are pregnant.

During pregnancy, not only do you need to take care of your food during pregnancy, but you also need to take special care of everything from clothing to daily routines.

* Bacterial and fungi infection occurs immediately in anything this season. So don't eat long-cut vegetables or fruits. Also, avoid eating things outside. These can cause food poisoning and harm the baby.

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* Avoid eating fish and meats in such seasons. If you eat them, always buy them from a good place and make sure that you cook it. Avoid stale food. This can cause many stomach problems.

* Often it seems that in the cold weather of the monsoon, dehydration may not be troublesome, but you think it's wrong. This problem is more frequent this season. So drink coconut water, soup and plenty of water. Do not drink packaged soups and juices.

* Rainy season often has the hassle of slippery. Pregnant women should avoid it. Always take care of it. Never wear slippers that slippery. Avoid walking on wet floors or ground. Don't wear heels.

* In the absence of sunlight, the clothes do not dry up well and sometimes cause skin allergies and rashes. For this, use antiseptic like detol while washing clothes.

* In such a season, it is important to keep yourself clean, not just around. If possible, take a bath twice a day. If it feels cold, use lukewarm water. Use neem leaves in bath water.

* In the rainy season due to moisture, the toes and the fingers of the feet sometimes cause infections due to fungi. If not avoided, it can cause many skin diseases. So get pedicure and manicure from a good parlor.

* Wear lightweight, airy and cottony clothes. This will not make you feel the trouble of humid rain many times. It is also easy to dry and relax in pregnancy.

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