Prepare for competitive exam effectively with these facts

Jan 13 2021 03:41 PM
Prepare for competitive exam effectively with these facts

Useful General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams that will be helpful for your success. Anyway, you may have noticed that many times we are not able to solve a question of maths, reasoning, but if our general science, general knowledge, and computer knowledge are good, we can meet the shortage of numbers in maths, reasoning at that time.

The total number of bids bid in the country is 1,652.
According to the latest calculations, the total number of districts in the country is 664.
According to the latest update, the total number of villages in India is 6,38,000.
The total number of High Courts in India is 24.
There are a total of 6 national political parties and 49 state-level political parties in the country.
The total number of registered engineering colleges in India is 4,298.

The total number of registered medical colleges in the country is 381.
The total number of MLAs in the country is 4,120.
India has a total of 27 public sectors and 93 commercial banks.
The total number of oil refineries in the country is 22.
The total number of world-famous world heritage sites in India is 32.
The total number of channels telecast in India is 1,400.

The total number of registered Kendriya Vidyalayas in the country is 1,094.
The total number of airports in India is 125, including 18 international airports.
According to the latest information, the total number of bank ATMs in India is 1,04,500.
The total number of railway stations in India is 4,337.
The total number of registered jails in India is 1,387.
The total number of mountains in the country is 50.

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