Mohammad Sharif received Padma Shri award, know his full story of becoming 'messiah of corpses'

New Delhi: Mohammad Sharif of Ayodhya is known as the 'Messiah of Corpses'. No unclaimed corpse has to yearn for the last 25 years in the district of 83-year-old Mohammad Sharif. He has been awarded the Padma Shri for his social service. However, The Padma Shri was announced on January 25, 2020. But due to the Corona crisis, he and many other Padma awardees have now received the honour. There has been an atmosphere of joy among the people of Mohammad Sharif's district since he was awarded the Padma Shri on Monday, November 8.

According to media reports, Raees, the eldest son of Mohammad Sharif, died in a road accident in Sultanpur in 1992. Sharif was not aware of the incident. Raees' body remained on the road and no one took him to the hospital. According to the report, Raees' body was eaten by the animals. Because of this, Mohammad Sharif could not even bury his son. This shocked them to the core. Mohammad Sharif then vowed that he would not allow any bodies to be damaged. According to the report, since then Mohammad Sharif has been visiting hospitals in the district to find out about every unclaimed corpse. Whenever they were informed of the unclaimed body, they would arrive with their cart. If no one came to pick up a body for 72 hours, the police would have handed over the body to Mohammad Sharif.

After which Mohammad Sharif used to cremate the deceased according to his religion. If the body belonged to a Hindu, Saryu's ambush would be cremated with full rituals, while the body was buried in the tomb when it was Muslim. Mohammad Sharif has so far cremated more than 25,000 unclaimed bodies. Since then, people have started calling them 'heirs and messiahs of unclaimed corpses'.

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