Pressure on China due to Coronavirus, America says this
Pressure on China due to Coronavirus, America says this

Washington: Everyone is troubled in the present day due to the problem of the Coronavirus continuously increasing for the past several days, while there are so many people who have lost their lives due to the outbreak of this virus and the epidemic. Not only this, due to the grip of this virus, but millions of people are also getting infected every day, while the death rate due to coronavirus is increasing continuously, due to which today the whole Anviy factor stood at the destruction of the end. Today, more than 2 lakh 52 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. And even now, it cannot be said openly how long the virus will get rid of and when the situation will improve. At the same time, after President Donald Trump, Foreign Minister Mike Ponpio has also said that he has strong evidence that the virus spread from China's laboratory. At the same time, Britain says that China needs to adopt a transparent attitude in this regard.

Britain's two pieces will go to the bottom: According to the information received, Britain has said that we will go to the bottom of this whole episode after the epidemic is over. According to a four-page document from the US Department of Internal Security (Department of Homeland Security-DHS), Chinese leaders deliberately concealed the severity of the global epidemic from the world in early January. This revelation has come at a time when critics along with China are also questioning the Trump administration. He says that the government's response against the virus is insufficient and slow. Political rivals have accused President Trump and his administration of blaming China for turning its criticism in the other direction.

Tried to hide the outbreak by increasing imports: It has been learned that the DHS report has said that China has been reducing the severity of corona virus. During this period, he increased the import of medical goods while decreasing the exports. By doing this, he tried to hide the outbreak of the virus. It also states that almost all of January, China has not informed the World Health Organization (WHO) that the corona virus is contagious so that it can seek medical goods from abroad. During this time, her import of face masks and surgical gowns increased rapidly. China informed the WHO about this on 31 December. Whereas he had informed the US Centers for Disease and Control on January 3. He then confirmed the coronavirus on January 8.

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