Prime Minister Narendra Modi Delivers Keynote Address at B20 Summit India 2023, Advocates Youth Power and Innovation
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Delivers Keynote Address at B20 Summit India 2023, Advocates Youth Power and Innovation

New Delhi: Addressing a distinguished gathering of global business leaders and experts at the B20 Summit India 2023 on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the pivotal role of India's youth population in driving the nation's growth trajectory. He commenced his speech by acknowledging the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission, remarking that the mission's achievement marked the commencement of India's festive season. Lauding the collaborative efforts of ISRO and India's industries, the PM underscored their combined contribution to the nation's progress.

Highlighting India's status as a leader in the digital revolution of 'Industry 4.0', PM Modi extolled the country's abundant pool of youthful talent. He articulated, "Businesses possess the capability to transform potential into prosperity, challenges into opportunities, and aspirations into accomplishments. Regardless of their scale, global or local, businesses can foster progress for all."

Advocating for a consumer-centric approach, the Prime Minister stressed the need to strike a balance between producers and consumers. He urged business leaders to prioritize being consumer-centric, emphasizing that nations should not merely be perceived as markets. In pursuit of this, he proposed the establishment of a global day dedicated to consumer care, transcending the conventional focus on consumer rights. PM Modi championed a pro-planet stance, shedding light on India's commitment to green energy and its efforts to emulate solar energy's success in the realm of green hydrogen. He encouraged the adoption of environmentally friendly practices, spotlighting the benefits of superfood millet for both human health and agricultural sustainability.

Identifying India as a solution to global challenges stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, PM Modi pledged that the nation would lead the drive to enhance the global supply chain. Turning his attention to technology trends, he emphasized the necessity for a global framework to regulate cryptocurrency and underscored the importance of an integrated approach to address cryptocurrency-related concerns. Additionally, he called for the advancement of 'ethical AI' to navigate the surging wave of technological disruptions.

The B20 Summit India 2023 spanned three days, culminating on Sunday. Serving as the official G20 dialogue forum for the international business community, the summit provided a platform for diverse stakeholders in the business realm to converge and exchange insights.

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