Prince Singh and Rupa Singh appeared together in the shooting of the film

Jun 27 2019 04:59 PM
Prince Singh and Rupa Singh appeared together in the shooting of the film

The shooting of Bhojpuri film 'Narasimha' is underway these days. The film's producers are M A Khan and Ramesh Yadav and director Sujit Kumar Singh, who said that the film is still being shot in Uttar Pradesh. In the film, Prince Singh Rajput and Rupa Singh will be seen acting together on the screen! All the actors in the film are aware of their roles and are giving their handiwork. We hope to conclude the shooting of the film soon. He said the UP government is very helpful to the filmmakers and the people here are also very serpentine. We are not having any difficulty in the shooting because of this. We are also grateful to the Yogi Adityanath government for this. All the information going forward

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For your information, actor Prince Singh Rajput, who plays the lead role in the film Narsimha, also looked very excited. In the midst of the shooting, he said in a conversation that we are very much considering the shooting in UP. We have already shot the film in Mumbai. Both places have their own speciality, but Bhojpuria Sungdh in UP inspires you to do a good job for her mother. Shooting here looks like we are in our homes. We do a lot of fun on the set and try to have a competition in every shot. In the film, Rupa Singh Najjar will be seen acting in the lead role as well as Nidhi Jha, Arsi, Brajesh Tirpathi, Sushil Singh, Jay Singh, Amit Shukla, Lota Tiwari, Arpita Mishra, Sahil Singh (Bala Artist) and Imran Ali.

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Producers have made the film completely commercial, which everyone is going to like. At the moment, our entire focus is on shooting the film. The story of Bhojpuri film Narsimha, under the banner of Loyaltech Production, is written by Veeru Thakur. Sanjay Bhushan is the film's publicist Patiala. Dance master Mahesh Acharya, musician Om Ojha has prepared. The film's cinematography is Mahesh Vaikat.


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