Pritha Malhotra reacts to rumours about her that are taking all over the internet

Have you ever come across rumours about yourself? Now, imagine these rumours arising and spreading all over social media… doesn’t it feel dreadful? But a social media star considers and reacts to all her rumours in a very light way. Meet Pritha Malhotra, the social media star who is best known for her Instagram reels. 

The artist became famous for making retro reels. She acted like old actresses and exemplifies the same expression, which is why she is also called the "retro queen". In an interview with Pritha Malhotra, she was first asked about how she feels about becoming famous through her talent, to which Pritha replied, "Since the time my reels have gotten famous and people have started to know, I am feeling blessed for this fame I have got through social media."

Later on, we asked her about the rumours. Pritha said, "Though it’s funny to find a few rumours, one of them is that I was Muslim and I’ve changed my surname to Malhotra in order to become popular. Likewise, a few rumours were about me having two children and I'm making reels to raise them." Pritha Malhotra laughed while saying the latter one. 

Speaking of the best rumour, the artist says, "The best rumour was that I got married at the age of 19 and that my husband ran away. But overall, I am loving these rumours too because this is also a kind of love I am getting from fans for my reels," says Pritha Malhotra.

Pritha Malhotra is among the social media stars who are gradually greeting success with their unique talent. While there’s a horde of people making reels on trendy songs, there is Pritha who captivates people by flaunting her expressions on retro Bollywood songs. She has more than 200k followers on her Instagram and a couple of her reels have even fetched more than a million views. We hope she keeps flourishing.

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