Priya rules millions of hearts as Rajni, Know more about her

You must have seen the TV show Rajni. The woman seen on the show was a brave woman who opposed the wrongdoing and corruption that was going on around her. At that time, the serial was based on social issues, and it was famous from house to house. The woman's character in the show was named Rajni and Rajni's real name was Priya Tendulkar. Priya became popular with the same show and is still loved by people. However, Priya is no longer in this world. Priya was the daughter of writer Vijay Tendulkar and passed away on September 19.

Priya Tendulkar was married to her co-star Karan Razdan but the two did not last long. Within 7 years, the two divorced and their way was separated. Karan was seen playing her husband in the show Rajni. The two got married in 1985. Priya died of a heart attack at the age of 47. She was also battling breast cancer at that time.

On September 19, 2002, Rajni, Priya, bid farewell to the world. Apart from 'Rajni', Priya also played a pivotal role in Ekta Kapoor's comedy show ''Hum Panch'''. The show was a famous 90s show and played the role of a dead wife speaking from a photo frame. Priya did more than 20 films, including Mohra, Gupta, aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Namo Nishan.

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