Priyanka Chahal Chaudhary used to do anchoring class 11th to support her family financially

 Bigg Boss 16 is grabbing all the limelight. The fight between Soundarya, Priyanka and Ankit caught all the attention. Salman Khan also slams Priyanka Chahal Chaudhary. Meanwhile, Priyanka is grabbing all the support from his fans. During a recent conversation with one of her co-contestants, the actress revealed how she started off her career.

During the live feeds, She was seen sharing story, and how she never thought she’d end up in the film industry. The actress in a conversation with Shalin Bhanot said, “Kabhi socha ni tha ki mein is industry me aungi. Humari family me se koi bhi nahi tha film industry me. Maine anchoring shuru ki jab mein eleventh me thi, ghar valon ko financially support karne ke liye". (I never thought I’d end up in this industry because none of my family members are part of the film industry. When I was in my eleventh grade, I took up anchoring to support my family financially”.

To this Shalin Bhanot said, “Yeh toh bahut hi acha hai yaar, wow! Apni family ko shuru se hi support karte rehna, bahut badhi cheez hoti hai”. (This is actually a very h big deal. To be supporting your family from the very start is a great thing).
 In the recent episode Soundarya and Priyanka also indulge in fight.

Ankit and Priyanka got engaged in a fight because of Soundarya. She said, “I had said that out of concern… I am not talking to you also don’t talk to me. If you want to, you go and tell it to Ankit or tell the walls. If your friend is talking with other friends then why are you having a problem with that? Haan so you don’t tell me to go and tell your friend and remove your frustration on him and not on others. You tell her that she should not talk. I will talk if I want to. Now if he is trying to make friends, if you don’t leave him then what will he do? If you hold him tightly and do not leave him then it's her fault. Stop being a control freak.” 

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