Priyanka Chopra trolled for having child through surrogacy, users said- 'Nick Baap Bana- Priyanka Maa Nahin'

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has become a mother some time ago. In fact, Priyanka has become a mother through surrogacy some time ago and she posted this information on her Instagram account and shared the information with all the fans. On the other hand, fans were quite excited to hear about the coming of a new guest in Priyanka and Nick's life. However, on the other hand, the actress started being trolled on social media. Many people seem to be calling Priyanka good and bad.

You can see that some people on Twitter have trolled Priyanka Chopra saying that Priyanka has done so to avoid pregnancy problems and delivery problems. There were only one or two tweets, in the beginning, yesterday but later the whole trend started. One user wrote, 'What would a mother feel when she gets her readymade baby through surrogacy?' Another user wrote, 'Do they feel the same way that a mother feels after giving birth to her baby?'

Similarly, another user wrote, 'I can understand when a needy parent adopts surrogacy. But I hate it a lot when Bollywood couples do it. They invest all their money in being naked, showing off their bodies, taking drugs, and then getting a readymade baby.' In addition, one user wrote- 'Did it for fear of deteriorating the figure.' One user wrote, 'Nick has become a father but Priyanka is not a mother.' There are many such tweets that are going viral fast at the moment. However, some people are also supporting Priyanka. One user wrote: "How insensitive it is to call these children readymade. Priyanka is very good.''

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