Salary discrimination harms happy married life

Many time we wonder that whether or not money makes people happy or not? Does money have the capability to make a relationship happy and smooth? Then the simple answer to these questions could be a 'Yes'. 

Today every person is busy and concerned about their career. The age to get married is increasing. Earlier the age was 22 years maximum but nowadays it has increased. People want to get married after reaching a specific milestone. They only get married when they have the desired income or their income has reached up to a certain level. Owning a house and a car are also some of the influencing factors. Money is an important pillar of any marriage.

We often observe that among couples, one earns more than other. But according to a research, a couple who earns equal is likely to have a successful life. Though there is a strong belief that couple with lesser income are more dedicated and loyal. But in reality, they are not happy with their married life and income. Hence, it is to be noted that the stability in a marriage comes with the equality in income.

According to leading daily, it is believed that couples get more committed to each other when they have an equal distribution of the responsibility and financial contribution in household expenses. However, mutual understanding between couples is also important and plays a vital role leading to a happy marriage. But income also depends upon their income level.

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