'Have more and more children, increase number of Muslims...', Taliban decree
'Have more and more children, increase number of Muslims...', Taliban decree

Kabul: The Taliban, who have captured the power of Afghanistan, have now issued another new decree. In this order of the Taliban, everyone has been told not to use contraceptives, as this is a ploy to reduce the number of Muslims in the countries of the West. Currently, the Taliban has issued this order in Afghanistan's capital Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif city. The Taliban have ordered all chemists to throw away contraceptive drugs and equipment. It is decreed that if any shopkeeper is found selling these, he will be punished severely.

According to the report, a shopkeeper in Kabul has told that Taliban gunmen have come to his shop and threatened to stop selling all contraceptives, otherwise, it will not be good. These gunmen are roaming around Taliban markets threatening drug sellers. The shopkeepers of Kabul and Mazar Sharif are in fear and have started removing all such medicines and contraceptive devices from their shops to save their lives. Actually, the Taliban wants women to give birth to more and more children so that the number of Muslims increases.

According to media reports, chemists in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif have stopped selling contraceptives following a Taliban decree. A shopkeeper from Kabul says that in the beginning of February itself, a ban was imposed on keeping contraceptive medicines and injections in the shop. On this decree of Taliban, experts say that such orders will only prove to increase the trouble in a country struggling with starvation and unemployment. But, considering the contemptuous attitude that the Taliban have been showing towards women, with this new order, the situation of women in that country is feared to worsen.

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