Married Professor gets engaged with another girl, arrested twice

Jul 22 2020 01:54 PM
Married Professor gets engaged with another girl, arrested twice

Guntur: The case of crime that has come up recently has surprised everyone. In this case, the married professor trapped a young girl. After that, he also engaged with that girl. He also took a dowry of 2 lakh rupees from the girl's parents. According to the information received, a few days after that, he started beating the girl. When the girl finally got fed up with his torture, she told her parents. Her parents complained about this matter to the police station.

Police of Arendal in Guntur district has arrested Professor Chilika Srinivasa Rao and sent him on remand. Professor, who was released on bail from prison, started torturing her again. He then threatened to make the photo taken on the girl's birthday viral. With this, he told the girl's parents that he would not allow the girl to get married to anyone else. After all this, the girl and her parents complained to the police station again. Police again sent him on remand. Police said that a few days before his arrest, he went to the girl's house and abused her and her mother. 

According to the police, Professor Chilika Srinivasa Rao lives in the first line of Lishi Colony. He is married and has two children. Apart from this, the police have received information that he runs an English coaching centre. Apart from this, it is being told that a girl studying in B.Ed College started going to the English coaching centre. During this, Srinivas fell for that girl and later the two started dating.

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