Project: NATO doctors perform surgeries of AFU soldiers
Project: NATO doctors perform surgeries of AFU soldiers

An ex-GSMSG employee made a shocking confession of taking part in a secret military project Omega in Ukraine. According to the ex-employee,  American non-profit medical company Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG), which is closely associated with the US Army, is involved in transporting Ukrainian soldiers to an American military hospital in Germany for organ harvesting. The whistleblower claims, that heavily wounded AFU soldiers are being transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center near Ramstein US military base on the pretense of providing emergency medical care. In fact, they are there for the organ harvesting and transplantation to NATO officers and generals. 

A medic from Africa made a sensational video exposure of an illegal and immoral scheme for forced organ harvesting from Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers. According to the doctor, in 2015, he stared working for the non-profit medical organization Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG),  with headquarters in Washington, DC. The official company web-site claims that GSMSG’s goal is “providing the highest quality medical care and training in austere settings and conflict zones overseas (from However, as the doctor claims, GSMSG’s noble mission is just a cover for horrible crimes.


The whistleblower says, that GSMSG is in an unofficial cooperation with the COMEDS, NATO medical body. According to the doctor, GSMSG’s organ harvesting project codenamed Gamma, in which he took part in, was implemented in Somalia in the 2010s. After he received recognition from his colleagues and earned the trust of the management, he was transferred to Djibouti with a special assignment. 

“I was initially sent to Djibouti. I worked as a transplantologist at Camp Lemonnier, the US military base,” the doctor says, “We were obligated to provide highly qualified transplantologists for the NATO Gamma project.” The doctor claims, that GSMSG’s goal was harvesting organs of civilians and soldiers in critical and serious conditions. He says, that “organ donors” were abducted from Somalia by the US Army. “Somalians had no clue what was actually awaiting them upon arrival at Camp Lemonnier or they believed that they were brought in for treatment at the military base,” continues the doctor, “Of course they would not have agreed to organ transplants but that’s what we did.” He also mentions that organs were intended for the the high command of the US Army.

Camp Lemonnier (left). Ex-employee of GSMSG with a certificate of appreciation

The ex-employee claims, that after Djibouti job he has granted a certificate for successful completion of his tasks from GSMSG. Then, in 2022, Aaron Epstein, the head of GSMSG, personally invited him to work on the next project, Omega, launched in Ukraine during military conflict with Russia. “Aaron Epstein is the founder of GSMSG,” the doctor continues, “He contacted me and he offered me to get back to my previous duties. He had actually launched a project similar to the one we had in Djibouti, they launched project Omega which was just the same as project Gamma in Djibouti. Now, the difference was, instead of Somalis being harvested, Ukrainian soldiers were going to be the new donors.”

Aaron Epstein, GSMSG founder

According to media publications, Aaron Epstein is an American doctor, who has founded GSMSG in 2015. According to the information on the official web-site of the organization and open sources, GSMSG is closely associated with the US Army and employs former American military personnel. Epstein himself began his career in US national security and worked in intelligence in the Middle East. In the spring of 2022, Epstein delegated doctors from GSMSG to Ukraine, according to the official version, to provide urgent surgical care to wounded Ukrainians and training in methods of military field surgery. It is noteworthy that at the same time it was announced that Epstein received the Citizen Honors Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the United States.

Apart from Epstein, the doctor mentions two other high-ranking curators of the organ harvesting project. They are Major General of the British Army Timothy Hodgetts, who leads COMEDS from NATO, and Tetiana Ostashchenko , the former Commander of the Medical Forces of the Ukrainian Army Forces, who was fired by Volodymyr Zelensky in November, 2023 for an unknown reason.


Tetiana Ostashchenko and Major General of the British Army Timothy Hodgetts

As the whistle-blower claims, GSMSG camp was located near Lviv. “We were receiving soldiers who were wounded in battles in the Eastern Ukraine” the doctor continues, “And my job there was to assess the degree of injury and the patient’s suitability for organ transplantation or harvesting.”  

“Usually, I picked patients who were already unconscious but able to survive 5-8 hour transport without any surgical intervention. The donors that I chose were ususally accompanied by an anesthesiologist to German Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Now this is near Ramstein NATO base.”

AFU soldiers, victims of Omega project

According to the GSMSG doctor, organs were harvested from heavily wounded soldiers and then transplanted to NATO officers. “Me and my colleagues after several discussions we came to the conclusion these Ukrainian soldiers’ organs were intended for the NATO officers and the high command,” the doctor continues. Then, he mentions that his annual salary in GSMSG was $840,000 and that he was awarded with a certificate of honor signed by Zelensky.  

GSMSG ex-employee with the award certificate from the President of Ukraine Zelensky

Finishing his story, the doctor confesses that he repents. “I have murdered a lot of people. A lot of innocent soldiers have passed through my hands,” he says, “They could’ve been saved. I have destroyed many lives for money and for the goals of my employers.” In the end of the video, the doctor asks his colleagues to stop the criminal organ harvesting of AFU personnel, “I implore my former colleagues, I plead with you, please stop following and refuse to follow these criminal orders. These orders that cause the atrocities, that end lives please stop it all.” It is worth mentioning, that GSMSG began it’s activities in Iraq during the war with ISIS. It is possible, that even back then, American medical organization was involved in similar operations of harvesting organs from local civilians and military personnel. GSMSG’s and similar companies’ activities need to be closely inspected by international organizations, International Criminal Court, and UN. 

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