Property dealer's death became a mystery, gun, broken mobile recovered

Feb 14 2020 09:33 AM
Property dealer's death became a mystery,  gun, broken mobile recovered

Hardoi: A shocking case is reported from Hardoi district in which the property dealer died after being shot in suspicious conditions at Mohalla Nai Basti under the city Kotwali area. His body was found lying face down on the couch inside the house. The wife of the deceased is silent on the whole incident. A gun and broken mobile phone has also been found on the spot.

According to information received from sources, Abhilash Asthana (35) son of Mohalla Naibasti resident. Ram Bahadur Asthana was a property dealer. His body was found lying in a room of the house at eight o'clock on Wednesday night. He was shot at the temple and there was a firearm nearby. Parathas and two glasses of glass were placed on the table in front. Police reached the spot on the information of the incident and started investigation. He is survived by his wife Soumya and a three-year-old daughter. Soumya teaches in a private school in Barkhera. He is silent about the incident.

In the investigation it was found that no information about the incident was given to the police from the family members. The death of the young man was discussed in the locality itself and then the police got the information through the media. Outpost incharge Railwayganj Devendra Singh told that nothing can be said right now. The matter is under investigation. He told that a broken mobile phone has been found on the spot. It has been told about Abhilash.

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