Protein supplements may cause your death, read deatils

Jul 17 2019 11:39 AM
Protein supplements may cause your death, read deatils

It is often advisable to take protein supplements in the gym to lose weight and to form a body. But excessive amounts of protein can also cause death. It always has side effects that can be dangerous for you. According to a report, Michelle White's daughter was a victim of urea bicycle disorder. People who suffer from urea cycle disorder are unable to digest protein properly. Know what happens to these.

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What is Urea Bicycle Disorder?

People who suffer from urea cycle disorder, they are unable to flush out nitrogern and ammonia through urine. Nitrogen and ammonia proteins are released as waste when taken.

Nitrogen and ammonia do not emerge from the body when. So they act as toxins for the body. This can lead to brain dead or coma conditions. Death also occurs if there is no timely treatment.

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How Much Protein Supplements Should Women Take?

Every woman needs an equal protein diet or supplement. Women who exercise more or work hard require more protein diet. The difference between protein diet and supplements must be understood. Proteins from naturally foods are at risk of lower damage to the body. However, when you take protein shakes or protein supplements, you are more likely to be at risk. So be sure to consult your doctor before taking protein supplements.

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