Resentment of protesters in America decreases

Jun 03 2020 01:04 PM
Resentment of protesters in America decreases

Washington: Protests have erupted in the city over the death of a man at the hands of police in Minneapolis, after which protesters and police met in New Orleans on an interstate highway last Tuesday night. More than 100 protesters reached the interstate at 10.45 am. That's after a rally at Duncan Plaza and a march through the city of New Orleans. As the day progressed, the crowd of protesters continued to grow, moving along the elevated expressway, carrying letters and signs as the music and drivers in paused cars came forward to cheer it on.  A quarter-mile down the expressway, a line of New Orleans police, which gave rise to some helmets and new riots, stopped them from continuing near the ramp near the French Quarter.

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On the lines of protesters and police in the New Orleans skyline, protesters urged each other to be peaceful. While echoing the rally and march to be held near the city hall, he started a series of chants and cheers, while some outraged by the authorities over the killing of the man by the police. Since then New Orleans Police Commander, Chief Deputy Superintendent John Thomas addressed the crowd. Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin referred to the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day, saying, "We are ashamed that this officer has tarnished the entire group with this disgusting act." He goes on to say, "We support you and it was only after this that the protesters succumbed." It was an emotional scene, because the time of publication was peaceful, and there were five in New Orleans. The days overshadowed demonstrations that were scheduled to continue for the rest of the week. It is also being said that during one day of March, Louisiana officials in March cheered the work of local activists, so that a peaceful demonstration could be maintained by Chauvin over Floyd's murder, which led to third-degree murder and other charges. While the move to climb a major highway represented an increase in the level of disruption in New Orleans, this led to violent clashes between police and protesters in other cities across America.

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According to the information, 36-year-old Dedrick Green said with his 13-year-old son, "I have come here to show my son what it is, it makes a difference. They value money more than the value of life." Green said, "Now we will not stay in our rooms to sleep and stay inside and they will continue to kill our African black people. We are going to be unified, we are going to be peaceful but we are going to make a change." The crowd appeared in the same shape as the previous days, with several hundred or so protesters as many hundred to join the demonstrations in the evening. As they had done during previous demonstrations, many participants indicated and most commonly wore masks, indicating coronovirus precautions. Every day, protests have focused on the continued killings of black men and women at the hands of the police, with chants of "Black Life Matter" and the need for justice for Floyd and many others.

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