Psychology in the world of Fashion

We have all heard or read about being clothed according to the occasion, but what role does psychology play in the way you’re dressed and how you will be perceived all depends on the psychology of a person. 


There is always a particular type of style that one slays, whereas some leave us wondering where exactly we went wrong. But there’s more to just choosing the clothes which are pleasant to the eyes, as, mind you, outfits are more than just the piece of cloth covering your body.


Fashion and Psychology are interrelated, the color of your clothes not only indicates your mood but also reflects on your day-to-day behavior.


What’s trending on social media might not be for you, and one needs to realize that before trying to fit into those trends. Realizing your true self, what makes you confident, and which color makes your ‘happy-quirky’ personality shine flawlessly through every step you take. 


Imitating your favorite celebrity’s sense of fashion does sometimes makes sense, but you need to realize that ‘you are your own self, finding out what’s best for you is more important rather than fitting in the likes and dislikes of the society or social media in order to unleash the inner you that’s been caged through your sense of ‘dolling yourself up’. 


Fashion is a form of communication, a person’s fashion style depicts what they stand for, it’s what you are communicating. The concept will be better understood if you notice a celebrity's clothing from that perspective.


Whether you want to ‘play safe’ or go all out, the choice is yours. 

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