PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update is to release on this date

Popular online game PUBG is to be update to PUBG 0.12.0  and update release date has been confirmed by Tencent games. The latest update for the PUBG which is the update 0.12.0 for the battle royale game will be released next week.

In a statement released by the gaming company,  the update may be out next week. Looking at the past updates cycle, the update will start rolling out by mid-April.

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Talking about key updates, here is that the PUBG Zombie Mode: Survive Till Dawn will now be called PUBG Zombie Mode: Darkest Night. The mode has been tipped to be a new mode which is different from Survive Till Down mode. There is no information on as to when will PUBG release the new update 0.12.0, however, with Tencent putting info out on what updates will be new, we can expect to see the update out soon.

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PUBG update 0.12.0 patch notee, Survive Till Dawn changes, New weapons: as per the beta patch, expect these to include liquid nitrogen grenades, RPG-7, and Jungle Style Magazines. New zombies: if the 0.12.0 beta update is correct, these would include zombie dogs and jumping zombies. Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto roofs. Zombie: Darkest Night - Brand new zombie mode that differs from Survive Till Dawn. According to previously revealed 0.12.0 beta notes, you'll need to stay alive for one night while fighting zombies. All teams that are still alive at dawn will win.


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