PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta version to rollout, find out what happened

Jul 13 2019 07:13 PM
PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Beta version to rollout, find out what happened

PUBG Mobile has recently rolled out to 0.13.5. Players playing this new beta roll-out are getting several seasonal upgrades, as well as new SMG and Rewards introduced. PUBG Mobile Season 7 is at its last stop and this beta of Season 8 has been rolled out by PUBG Mobile Corp. PUBG Mobile recently reported this through its official Twitter handle. In this new update, developers have introduced new features of the game.

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PUBG Mobile Corp., the world's leading game maker, continues to introduce new features to make your game fresh and ingeling. This latest beta introduces high frame rate mode or HDR quality mode. In addition, all machine gun SMG and a variety of seasonal upgrades can be seen. Let us know in detail the full details

Find out what changes have taken place

PUBG Mobile's season interface has been redesigned, making the game play more interactive and fancy. You can see ratings and Tier changes clearly on the screen. Season 8 Rewards has been adjusted to S8. All outfits in Season 8 are available in the Gold Tier. Players get season exclusive Vipan finish in Rich Diamond Tier. In addition, special team joining effects and name tags are available at the Crown and above levels. A permanent season title is available when you reach the S level or above. The new beta update will automatically reach the players at the end of the season. Players can see changes at the beginning of each season with more detail than last season.

The player's ranking system algorithm has been slightly enhanced to increase the point, making it clear that the impact of the tier killing will be higher. Tier transfer rules have also been revised. Players below the gold level will be transferred in the next season from the start of Season 8.Tier inheritance message is made clearer. All server's rating reset information will be showcased with a message. The Tier Transfer Rule has also been properly explored on the website.

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Tier promotion messages have also been introduced. There will be no show in the lobby inside the Division Promotions Messett Tier. Tier promotion messages will now be displayed with a fancy display. Tier icon visual effects have also been introduced.Also, you can see some metric outfits with The Vipan Draw. This new beta update also fixes the bug in which players teammate's avatars are team-mate Unable to move in Cha. All these changes have been seen in the new beta update. However, it is not yet clear how many of these features will be included in the stable version.

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