PUBG mobile: Season three is now live with a new map and royale pass!

Popular Tencent game PUBG rolled out the third season for the mobile platform with a brand new map and a new royale pass. The new map is called Sanhok and it has already been released for other platforms including PC, PlayStation and XBox.

The immense popularity of PUBG mobile had the fans waiting impatiently for so long. Finally, the Sanhok map can be seen in the background of the official PUBG mobile Season 3 artwork. The map along with other rewards is expected to be a part of the 0.8.0 update of PUBG mobile.

Sanhok is set in a dense forest environment with dynamic weather. The new map is much smaller than the other two PUBG maps. Prior to Sanhok, players in PUBG mobile had a choice to battle in one of the two maps namely Erangel and Miramar.

The new map is speculated to arrive with brand new weapons as well as new vehicles. Initially, a new sniper rifle and a new pickup truck are expected to be available with the new update.

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