PUBG Mobile upcoming Season 7 features leaked

PUBG AKA Player Unknown BattleGround Mobile Season 6 is about to end and the season 7 features has already been leaked. The details of the Season 7 have been leaked, along with information about the Season 7 Royale Pass and the rewards that come with the new seasons. According to the sources, there will be a new handheld weapon in Season 7, and a ton of new skins for guns and as well as helmets, new outfits, and avatar customization and many more. The PUBG Mobile Season 7 is scheduled to start rolling out via an update by the end of the week.

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According to the YouTuber Mr. GhostGaming, the Season 7 will start off with the rollout of a new update which will get the build number 0.12.5 and is tipped to arrive on May 17. Before the update hits the servers, they will be taken down for maintenance. The PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass registrations will start from May 18.

In the new season, the battle royale game will get new avatar frames, a new weapon called ‘Skorpion', new moustache style, flight trail and additional parachute trail rewards. Players will also get new skins for guns like AKM, Kar 98K, M4, and UZI, as well as level 1 and level 3 helmet skins, alongside level 1 backpack skin. Players will also get 100 PR points for purchasing the royale pass and will be eligible for getting two new exclusive costumes called Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad once they cross the level 100 in the Royale Pass.

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