Tencent Games will no longer handle PUBG corporation franchise in India

Sep 08 2020 01:18 PM
Tencent Games will no longer handle PUBG corporation franchise in India

Many people have been disappointed since PUBG was banned, but in the meantime, there have been big and good news. The computer version of PUBG is not banned because the Chinese company does not have a stake in PUBG pCs. PUBG Mobile has a big stake in chinese company Tencent, which has been banned. It is now reported that PUBG's main South Korean company PUBG Corporation is separating from Tencent after being banned in India. PUBG Corporation has decided that PUBG will no longer authorize Tencent's for mobile in India, making it clear that PUBG Mobile will no longer be a publisher in India.

Pubg Mobile in India, however, will have all kinds of publishing rights with PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company. It has been cleared by PUBG that the PUBG mobile game is part of the South Korean PUBG Corporation and has every right to the company. In view of the latest development, PUBG Corporation has decided that PUBG mobile franchise will no longer be delivered to Tencent in India. It is also said that PUBG Corporation will take over the responsibility of publishing PUBG Mobile in India.

Recently, the company has said that PUBG Mobile Player is a version of The Nonn Battleground (PUBG) which has been launched by South Korean company PUBG Corporation. This could be possible because the government had said that the game was at risk in terms of data, privacy and security. Now, when the Chinese company is separated from it, the ban can also be removed from this gaming app.

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