Public interest litigation filed in the High Court after Corona investigation report took time

Indore: Public interest litigation has been filed in the High Court for not reporting the corona patients for several days and not mentioning the names and addresses of patients found positive in the investigation report. This petition has demanded that the government be ordered to release the investigation report of Corona within 48 hours and the names and addresses of positive patients should also be made public in the medical bulletin.

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This public interest litigation has been filed in the High Court by Aman Sharma through Advocate Arihantkumar Nahar. In this, it has been said that the government has declared Corona an epidemic, but arrangements have not been made accordingly. The investigation report of the patients does not come for several days. The patients keep waiting in the hospital for discharge. The government issues medical bulletins every night, but it does not even have the names and addresses of the patients. If the names and addresses are made public, then people themselves will know that they did not come in contact with the Corona infected.

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In the petition it has also been said that arrangements should be made to save the data related to the patients so that in an emergency situation they can be used in making further strategies. Advocate Nahar said that he has also applied for an early hearing along with the petition. The petition is expected to be heard this week.

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