Father molesting twin daughters for 4 years, investigation underway

Maharashtra: A recent crime case has come from Pune district. In this case, a woman has accused her husband of molesting twin daughter that he had been raping them for the past four years. The case is being reported from Kondhwa Khurd in Pune. A case of rape of 2 minor innocent daughters has been filed against a father in the case. According to reports, the mother of the aggrieved girls has filed a complaint against her husband.

In this case, the mother has made a statement, "Innocents were being raped for the past four years. In this case, it is also being reported that the accused has his own fabrication shop and is living apart from June 2020. The mother, in her complaint to the police, wrote, "She lives by running the mess and has 2 boys and 2 girls. The mother of the innocent girls, in her complaint, also wrote, "In the year 2016, one of her daughters spoke of abdominal pain. After which she took them to the doctor for treatment, the doctor asked her to go to the Lotus Diagnostic Centre for sonography, but the accused snatched the sonography report and burned it on the gas. '

The mother of the victim's girls also said, "One night she was in the bedroom with her children and the accused slept in the hall. At two-and-a-half o'clock in the night, the baby's crying voice came. As soon as she went to the hall, the victim came to the mother crying and said that her father had done a dirty job with her. '

As soon as the mother heard the daughter's talk, her senses flew. The daughter added, "Whenever you bring some goods to the market or some work, he molested us and if they refuse, they prick the safety pin. Now, in this case, the Kondhwa police has filed a case against the accused father under rape and child sex atrocities.

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