Man beaten to death for asked for a place to sit for wife and daughter

Feb 14 2020 03:42 PM
Man beaten to death for  asked for a place to sit for wife and daughter

Recently, a case of crime has come up. In that case, a group of young man's killed a man who was seeking a place to sit for their wife and two-year-old daughter in the general coach of the train. The matter is being reported from Pune to Daund station. The deceased Sagar Markad (26) along with his wife Jyoti, two-year-old daughter and mother boarded the Mumbai-Latur-Bidar Express from Pune. According to the news, due to the general coach being more full of passengers, he asked a lady passenger to give some space for his wife and crying daughter.

On hearing this, the woman got entangled with Sagar and accused him of misbehaviour. The dispute started for the seat so much that 12 people travelling together started beating Sagar. There have been reports that six women were also involved in the killing and according to the complaint lodged by the wife of the deceased, a group of 12 people kept beating Sagar till almost Daund station came. It has been further told in this case that he and his mother have repeatedly urged people to leave Sagar but no one listened to her.

Railway Police said that Bedam Sagar was rushed to the hospital in critical condition due to beating. In this case, the doctors declared him dead. The police have arrested the beating group by registering a case of murder under Section 302 of IPC. In this case, the victim is a resident of the family welfare and was going to attend the program of the family's death in Kurduwadi in Kolhapur district.

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