Family trapped in superstition, submerged Rs 7 lakh

Jan 21 2021 03:31 PM
Family trapped in superstition, submerged Rs 7 lakh

Maharashtra: Recently, a case of crime has come from Maharashtra. In fact, a family living in Maharashtra did something in a superstitious affair that the family drowned in water for Rs 7 lakh. Four pigeons are said to have been sold for Rs 7 lakh. The case is being described in Pune where a tantric swindled a family and then took a lot of money from them. Now, after receiving a complaint about the case, the police have arrested the accused and also sent them to jail. It is reported that the case is from the Kondhwa area of Pune where all this has happened to a family living.

The victim's family is said to be very upset about the disease of a member of his house. They tried a lot of treatment but the ailing son was not getting relief. Finally, the tired family came to meet the Tantric Kutabuddin Najm through someone. The accused Tantric Kutabuddin told the family, "Someone has done black magic on your son, which may cause him to die." The tantric had asked the family to buy a pigeon of 6.5 lakh 80 thousand rupees by showing fear of death. The family was accepted. In the meantime, the tantric told the aggrieved family that "buying pigeons will avert the death of the son and instead die of these pigeons."

The family did all but a lot of days passed, but there was no improvement in the health of the son of the aggrieved family. Finally, the family lodged a complaint under the Prevention of Witchcraft Act at the Kondhwa police station. Now the tantric has been arrested in this case.

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