Faridabad Shocker: Civil Hospital Staff made pillow to patients legs

Aug 24 2019 05:22 PM
Faridabad Shocker: Civil Hospital Staff made pillow to patients legs

Chandigarh : The civil hospital in Faridabad district of Haryana has brought out pictures of human beings being shamed. Civil hospital staff put a pillow on both of his severed legs while taking a patient for treatment on a stretcher after he had both legs amputated.

Hospital staff have been criticised for the action after the photo surfaced. Pradeep Sharma, 42, a resident of the city's Bhud Colony, is said to have worked in a nearby company. Pradeep Barkhal was on duty crossing the rail track from under the flyover. He fell on the track as he was stuck on his feet. Before Pradeep could get his feet out of the track, the superfast train coming at high speed pulled the legs apart from the rest of the body.

Both the legs of Pradeep were separated from his body. The people present nearby rushed Pradeep to the Civil Hospital for immediate treatment. The negligence of the civil hospital doctors has once again surfaced and pictures of human beings being shamed. While taking Pradeep inside on a stretcher for treatment, doctors and medical personnel made his feet a pillow. At the moment, hospital officials are not willing to say anything about it.

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