Punjab-Haryana high court on "Marriage of Muslim girl and Hindu boy"

The Punjab-Haryana High Court has clarified in the midst of hearing a petition on security that the marriage of a Muslim girl to a Hindu boy will not be considered valid. However, the High Court has made it clear that both are adults and as such, they can live in a live-in relationship like marriage. While filing the petition, the loving couple told the High Court that the 18-year-old girl is Muslim and the Hindu boy is 25 years old.

Both of them married with Hindu customs on January 15 in the Shiva temple. After marriage, both of them are in danger of life from their family members. To protect their lives, the petitioners had also approached Ambala's SP but no action was taken. After which, the petitioner had no option then they approached to High Court.

The High Court stated that the marriage of a Muslim girl to a Hindu boy is not legally valid. The High Court said that marriage is considered illegal until the girl adopts the Hindu religion and gets married with customs. In this case, the girl has not changed her religion and in such a situation, this marriage cannot be considered valid under the Hindu Marriage Act. However, the High Court clarified that both are adults and even if the marriage is not valid, they can remain in a consensual relationship like married ones. The High Court has now ordered the SP of Ambala that it should be decided at the earliest on the demand of the petitioners related to security.

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