Meter reader caught taking bribe, chewed 1000 rupees on being caught

Chandigarh: Many shocking cases are being reported from Punjab these days. Now, the case that has come to light recently is that of taking bribes money. According to the information received in the case, the case pertains to Chuharchak village of Ajitwal in the Moga district. In fact, here a meter reader took a bribe of one thousand rupees from a family, but in the meantime people caught him. What happened during this time, however, was shocking. In fact, the meter reader saw the video being made and immediately put 2 notes of 500 in his mouth and started chewing it. Seeing this scene, the villagers were shocked and took out the bribe notes.

Now, in this whole matter, the officials of the Electricity Board have started an inquiry. According to the information received in this case, a new duty was imposed to take the reading of the meter reader. He went to the village to get meter readings. Here a family meter was said to be bad and only a woman was present in the house. In such a situation, the meter reader threatened them in the name of a fine and then asked for a bribe of one thousand by saying that they should not impose a fine. After knowing all this, the villagers got angry, because the meter is outside the house and there is a problem in it. He got angry when he demanded a bribe for him.

During this time, when it came to light that the meter reader was demanding a bribe, the villagers decided to catch him. They got a photocopy of two 500 rupee notes and then gave him to the meter reader. During this time, as soon as he kept the notes in his pocket, the villagers surrounded him. Alarmed by the sudden attack, the meter reader took out the money from his pocket to escape and started chewing them. Seeing all this, the villagers put their hands in his mouth and took out the notes. During this time the meter reader has been saying that there was a defect in the meter.

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