Punk fired on grandfather who went to took biryani for grandson

Jun 04 2019 06:47 PM
Punk fired on grandfather who went to took biryani for grandson

Raipur: The grandfather who took the cake and Biryani on the grandson's birthday near the city was shot by a young man from the area. After being shot, the injured were airlifted to hospital with the help of the families. The injured had seen the accused being shot dead. The police had suspended the accused's house, but they have escaped the moabile. Hither police have taken the accused into custody on Tuesday morning.

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Attack done like this

As per the information received from sources, the grandson of Javed, who was injured in the Tikarapara Bhathakaon firing, was born on Monday. He had turned out to take the cake and biryani at around 8pm. About a half hour later, he was returning with cakes and biryani. He was shot about 150 metres away from the house. He knocked down and yelled for help. That's where a friend of hers stood. He supported him and took him straight home. As soon as he arrived there, Javed shouted loudly and shot me, quickly took to the hospital. After that, the family took to the hospital in the same mopeds.


Police investigating

With this, the police arrived about 15 minutes later. The entire area was encamped. A police team gave the house of Alam at the same time, but Alam was not found. By this time, the family had taken Javed to the hospital. The top officer rushed to the hospital directly after finding out the truth. The old men of the crime branch were summoned and investigated. After that, the location of Alam's mobile was traceable. He turned his mobile off after he was shot. The police were involved in the search all night. The accused eventually got the police handle.

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