purchasing a house in Mumbai made her cry, but finally she owned her one

May 28 2016 04:59 PM

It may not look it but I am so over the moon happy!! My heart exploded with joy and the result was tears falling down my face. If you only knew the struggle it's been to get the flat I want, that makes a girl like me, so far away from home, feel at home. For whatever reason there is a stigma in Mumbai against people trying to get a flat who are either a foreigner (✔️), in Bollywood (✔️), single (✔️✔️). I'm not just one of these things, I'm all of them. I have tried, and then got discouraged, then tried again, and got discouraged again, many times over the past 3 years. I can't express enough how thankful I am! I got the keys and the only thing I could think about doing was go to the Church and thank God. When I was praying to God it was like I had word vomit. I have so so so much in life to be thankful for.... I have the most incredible parents guiding me, 2 loving brothers, my sister n law and sweet little nephew, and my friends who bring me so much joy and keep me grounded. Yesterday marked 20 YEARS as a dancer. I have dedicated my life to this art form and in return it has given me more joy than I could ever possibly ask for. I have literally accomplished every thing I have sought out to do. Now more than ever I am searching for my purpose. What more can I do to grow, to help others, to be a better person. The journey continues....new chapter starts today

Mumbai is not randomly named Maya nagari, ask people who are living there or surviving for getting a platform.

Lauren Gottlieb we all know her well as a dancer, she also acted in couple of pictures, recently purchased a house there, posting her house pictures on Instagram she wrote her struggle in searching house which made them cry.

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