Purple Papaya pic goes viral on Twitter

There are many things around the world that you have hardly seen. Purple colour Papaya is included in this. Have you ever eaten or seen purple papaya? Well, we are sure your answer will be no. If you do not have an answer, today we are going to tell you about this unique papaya. Recently, IFS Sushanta Nanda has shared some pictures of this special papaya on Twitter, which looks amazing.

She has said, "Purple papaya is very difficult to find because it is a rare mixture of papayas and grapes that you can only find in southern Australia and Brazil." This post gave a shock to many people at this time because most of the users are those who have seen purple papaya for the first time. However, many people have imagined its taste and some have asked how purple papaya is different from yellow and light green papaya. In this way, many people commenting on this purple papaya picture.

This purple papaya picture got 4000 likes and more than 100 re-tweets. Many users are continuously commenting on this picture. Some are saying this cannot happen, while some are calling it spurious. Considering it true, some users are calling it amazing and alluring. 

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