Putin, Biden hold video call on bilateral ties in Iran Nuc deal Ukrainian crisis,

Washington: Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Vladimir Putin of Russia held a video call on a variety of bilateral challenges, including the Ukrainian situation and the Iran nuclear deal.

The White House said in a readout after the meeting that Biden "voiced the deep concerns" of the US and its European allies about "Russia's escalation of forces surrounding Ukraine" and "made clear that the US and our Allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of military escalation." According to sources, Biden "reiterated his support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity while also calling for de-escalation and a return to diplomacy." "The two presidents have entrusted their teams with following up, and the United States will do so in close coordination with friends and partners," the statement stated.

According to the statement, the presidents also discussed the US-Russia dialogue on strategic stability, a separate dialogue on ransomware, and coordinated action on regional concerns including Iran. During their second meeting in six months, the leaders mostly discussed Ukraine's domestic issue, according to a statement released by the Kremlin. Putin emphasised that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is attempting to "steal Ukrainian territory" and is increasing its military strength near Russia's borders.

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