Putin Claims Landslide Victory Amidst Protests and Criticism
Putin Claims Landslide Victory Amidst Protests and Criticism

Vladimir Putin declared a huge win in Russia’s presidential election, amidst widespread protests against his tightening grip on power, the conflict in Ukraine, and an election seen as heavily controlled with only one probable outcome.

The United States criticized the election, calling it "not free nor fair," as Putin reportedly secured 87% of the votes according to exit polls by state-backed agencies.

In his victory speech at campaign headquarters, Putin dismissed Western criticism as expected, attributing it to their opposition to Russian interests. He emphasized the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, pledging to secure the border and prioritize military strength.

Regarding potential conflict with NATO, Putin acknowledged the possibility, warning of the risk of escalation to a third world war, which he believed nobody wanted.

Putin addressed the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny for the first time, claiming he had approved a prisoner exchange shortly before Navalny's demise, indicating a willingness to swap him but not to allow his return.

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With 75% of votes counted, Russia's electoral commission reported Putin leading with 87.14%, followed by Communist party candidate Nikolai Kharitonov.


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