Putin says West will fail in its attempts to isolate Russia

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin said that countries attempting to isolate Russia are primarily harming their economies.

Putin told the plenary session of the First Eurasian Economic Forum on Thursday that isolating Russia would be simply unfeasible and impossible, and that "those who aspire to do so would harm themselves the most," according to reports.

The President stated that the current state of the global economy shows that Russia's position is correct and justified, in contrast to countries that are attempting to "pursue short-sighted policies."

These advanced economies are experiencing their worst inflation in 40 years, as well as rising unemployment, he said, adding that logistic chains were breaking down and global crises, such as food, were intensifying. "This is a serious problem that affects the entire system of economic and political relations," Putin stated.

The Russian president stated that sanctions and restrictions aimed primarily at weakening and containing countries wishing to pursue independent policies are ultimately futile.

"Many countries want and will pursue an independent policy... and no world policeman will be able to stop this global process... there will not be enough power for this and the desire to do so will evaporate due to a slew of domestic problems in those countries," Putin said.

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