Putting life at stake... These people traveled a dreadful journey of 3200km

Sitting in the lower part 'Rudder' of the ship, three people have traveled 3200 kilometers dangerously within 11 days. There were sea waves only a few inches away from the ship's 'Rudder' on which the three men sat. The three ticketless passengers have traveled from Nigeria to Canari Island.  

Three people have also traveled on the 'Rudder' of the oil tanker ship Alithini II. The rudder is helpful in giving directions to any ship. This part is facing down in the ship and touching the water. The photo of the three ticketless people was shared by the Spanish Coast Guard on Monday. In this, all three are seen sitting on top of 'Rudder'. At the same time, the feet of these people are seen just a few inches away from the waves of the sea.   Officials have said that due to this dangerous and long journey, all three people suffered from dehydration and hypothermia. In this regard, migration advisor Sema Santana has said that this is not the first and last time, luck does not always support people traveling ticketless. The ship in which the three men were coming had left Lagos city in Nigeria on November 17. It traveled 3200 kilometers in 11 days and entered the Spanish border.  

In 2020, a 14-year-old teenage Nigerian boy also traveled for 15 days to Spain from Lagos in a similar fashion. In the course of the 15-day journey, he drank sea water and slept on the hole above Rudder. In 2020, 4 people hid in the room behind Rudder and reached Spain after a 10-day journey. Spain's Interior Ministry reports that 11,600 people have entered the country by boat by sea this year. Which includes thousands of African refugees.  

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