Q & A Interview with a fashion blogger from Lucknow: Divya Mishra
Q & A Interview with a fashion blogger from Lucknow: Divya Mishra

Fashion blogging is the new trend on social media. It might be quite easy to be a fashion blogger but it’s very difficult to bring out a unique quality with your style. Let’s talk about an amazing Fashion Blogger, Divya Mishra  who created her unique fashion trend on the internet by showcasing her Nawaabi  background.  

Divya started her fashion blog in the year of 2014 and her unique style was liked not only by the Nawaabs of Lucknow but also she inspired a lot of people to take out their styling talents and look the best they can. She started her career when blogging was not much in trend and even inspired other fashion lovers to showcase their talents in the fields they are expert in. 

She not only highlighted the fashion but also shared her beauty ideas, her unique makeup skills over the internet which changed her life and made her the top blogger of the country. In a recent interview, we asked Divya about her success story and here’s what she shared. Why did you choose to be a fashion blogger or influencer? I started my blogging while studying. I wanted to do blogging passionately and I am a lawyer by degree. I just showed people what I used to do in my daily lifestyle, maybe styling a shirt, my hair treatment secret or the unique makeup techniques.

How will you describe your fashion style?
I prefer t shirt over tuxedo. For me comfort is always over anything and that’s how I will describe my style comfortable and trendy.

What all should one have to be a successful fashion blogger or influencer?
1. Make sure that the content or the feed that you make should be unique and show people what they haven’t seen before. 
2. Regular content posting should be there else people forget about you easily.
3. Respect your followers: Always reply to their comments and think about the content that they want you to make.
What equipments are needed to be a successful fashion blogger?
• Good quality camera and lighting plays an important role, as nobody will see a bad quality video.
• Change of your backdrops: You can also use bedsheets of different colors to create different backdrops
• A good software to edit your videos.

Above are the answers that Divya gave us by asking all these questions. This article is good for the people who wants to become an influencer, doesn’t matter the place you belong to all you need is passion and dedication if you have talent.

Divya Mishra started her blog on a very small scale and today you can see her working with various brands. She also added that a youtube channel plays an important being a successful influencer or blogger. Divya’s  continuos dedication and faith on herself took her passion to an another level and today she is a super successful blogger of The City of Nawaabs, Lucknow where she is also influencing other talented people as well to showcase their talents. Now let’s wait for the another stars coming out from Divya’s city.

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