Another 'Muslim' country in support of terrorist organization, said this to global leaders in UN

Geneva: Qatar's Shah, who played a key role in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US Army, has urged global leaders gathered at the United Nations (UN) not to turn away from Taliban rulers. Speaking from the UN General Assembly (UNGA) forum, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on Tuesday stressed the need to "continue talks with the Taliban, as boycott will only polarise while conversation can yield positive results."

Qatar's warning was for heads of state from countries that are concerned about holding talks with the Taliban and recognizing their capture of government in Afghanistan. The Taliban say they want recognition from the global community. It has challenged the identity card of the former Afghan ambassador to the United Nations and is asking him to speak at a high-level meeting of world leaders of the UNGA. He says it is the responsibility of the United Nations to recognise his government.

Sheikh Tamim said Qatar had agreed to host the political leadership of the Taliban, who had been in exile for years ago, because "we were sure that war would not solve and finally there would be a discussion." Qatar is a close ally of the US and the US's largest military base in West Asia is in Qatar, but this small Gulf Arab country also has links with the Taliban. Pakistan has also openly supported the Taliban, a terrorist group, before.

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