Quack arrested in Tamil Nadu for running sex determination tests

CHENNAI: Police have arrested a 53-year-old quack for operating sex determination scan centres in the remote Tiruppathur district of Tamil Nadu.

Sugumar was arrested on Thursday and brought before a judicial magistrate court, where he was remanded in custody. According to the police, Sugumar and his accomplice, an AIADMK worker named Vediyappan, used to charge Rs 8,000 per foetus determination test and scanned around ten pregnant women in remote areas every day.

Authorities from the Directorate of Medical Service conducted a surprise check in Kathirappati village, 8 kilometres from Tirupathur, where there are no proper roads and heavy vehicles cannot reach the location.

According to officials from the Directorate of Medical Services, he was using a portable scanning machine to run illegal sex determination scan centres throughout the district.

According to police and medical service authority officials, women from Dharmapuri and Tiruvannamalai had come to his scan centre to find out the gender of the child in the womb.

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